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Trimble SiteVision

Trimble SiteVision

Augmented Reality System

The power of information, re-imagined

Imagine if you could see things that are hidden or that don’t actually exist yet. With the Trimble® SiteVision™ outdoor augmented reality system you can.

SiteVision is a user-friendly Augmented Reality system that brings 3-Dimensional data to life in real-world environments so you can easily visualise, explore and understand complex information with unrivaled ease and accuracy.

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Seamless Workflows between the Field and Office

Upload your data, visualize it in the field and report back to the office—all through Trimble Connect. SiteVision works with data from Trimble’s full range of data collection, design and modelling tools, and data available in open industry standard formats: SKP, VCL, TTM, TRB, IFC, LandXML, DWG, SHP, Geodatabase, and PNG.

Do More with SiteVision

Give greater context and understanding to projects on the jobsite at 1:1 scale to make projects safer, QA/QC easier and errors and wasteful change orders minimized. The visualization of complex data, positioned with high-accuracy GNSS, makes it easy to view spatial relationships more accurately to identify and mitigate structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) clashes sooner.

Visualise in 3D - Place and view georeferenced 3D models from any angle at true-to-life scale above or below the ground
Collaborate - Share, communicate, and collectively interact in real time with easy-to-understand visualisations
Report - Take photos, measurements and notes in the field; create tasks and assign them to team members
Measure - Measure positions using GNSS, Electronic Distance Measurement, and Augmented Reality to better understand your data on site


tick  Accurately places and displays 2D/3D data in real world context from any angle at true-to-life scale.

Precisely locates and reveals hidden assets.

Combines Trimble® CatalystTM GNSS centimeter-level positioning and EDM with Google® AR technology.

tick  Automatically transforms complex 2D designs into visual 3D models.

Switches between 2D and 3D views.

tick  Provides Trimble cloud-based data hosting and reporting tools.

Enables collaboration and communication of designs on the job site.

Compatible with a wide range of Trimble, open industry standard, and third-party file formats.

Lightweight, portable handheld or pole-mounted unit




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