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Trimble RTS 773

Robotic Total Station

Total Performance

The RTS773 incorporates advanced technologies to deliver accurate and reliable layout fast, to ensure that design intent is executed correctly the first time – ensuring improve efficiency and accuracy throughout the construction project.

Trimble RTS573 featured

Layout Technology for Contractors

Trimble MagDrive™ Servo Technology provides for exceptional speed and accuracy with smooth, silent operation.

Trimble SurePoint™ Technology ensures accurate measurements by automatically correcting for unwanted movement due to wind, sinkage, and other factors.

Trimble MultiTrack™ technology locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements and active targets for dynamic measurement, stakeout and grade control.

Built for Construction

For construction applications, you need a measurement solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability. Combine the Trimble DR HP Precision EDM with Trimble VISION and you have the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects.

  • Visually mark points, at greater range, with the Class 2 Laser Pointer.
  • Automatic Servo Focus sets the optical focus for quick manual aiming when laying out points in DR mode.
  • Combine with Trimble Field Link software running on the Trimble Field Tablet to optimize your accuracy and productivity.

KEY Features

Video-Assisted Control

See everything the instrument sees – without a trip back to the tripod.

Visual Verification

Overlay job data – including points and linework – on the camera image for accurate documentation.

Integrated Workflow

Optimize productivity using Trimble FieldLink and tablet for a seamless workflow.

Multi-Track Prism Technology

Track passive prisms for control and active targets for dynamic measurement, stakeout, and grade control .

Maximum Speed And Efficiency

Trimble Magdrive™ Servo Technology powers faster, more accurate work with smooth, silent operation.

Accurate Measurements

Auto-correct for unwanted wind, sinkage, and other movement with Trimble Surepoint™ Technology.

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