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Trimble Field Points

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Simplify your data preparation & analysis

Easily create field layout points in SketchUp, Revit, or AutoCAD for direct integration with Trimble’s robotic total stations.
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Create 2D and 3D Field Points the way you want

Trimble Field Points is designed for the contractor utilizing AutoCAD®, Revit® or Sketchup who also needs the ability to easily create 2D and 3D field points within their preferred design file. You’ll be able to:

  • Quickly and easily auto-insert their field layout points for use with Trimble Field Link for easy stakeout in the field.
  • Direct transfer of layout files via Trimble Connect.
  • Perform QA/QC with as-laid out points.

Seamless Insertion of Field Layout Points

Get seamless creation of field points such as hanger or sleeve locations via simple, intuitive point creation workflows. These workflows allow for faster implementation and utilization throughout any organization already familiar with AutoCAD or Revit design platforms. Additionally, Trimble Field Points provides you with a go-to design-to-construction solution by allowing the creation of control points, inserting manual points or generating automatic point locations to streamline the creation of layout data in their model files.

Perform QA/QC With As-Laid Out Points

Import field point data into the Trimble Field Points software, while staying within your preferred design platform, to assist with QA/QC workflows for comparison in the model.


Easily Translate

Trimble Field Points is the concept-to-construction solution that ensures points in the model are accurately located in the field.

Build Intuitively

Working as a plugin within SketchUp, Revit, or AutoCAD, Field Points delivers a direct integration with the Trimble’s robotic total stations.

Bring to the Field

Points can be easily exported to Trimble layout solutions for easy stake-out in the field and brought back to the model for true round-trip capabilities.

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