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NavVis VLX 3

NavVis VLX 3

Mobile LiDAR Scanning System

The Cornerstone of Reality Capture

NavVis VLX 3 is the industry-leading, wearable mobile mapping system that efficiently delivers comprehensive, highly detailed reality capture data to laser scanning professionals for complex sites, both indoor and outdoor.


Detailed Reality Capture

Comprehensively capture 3D measurements with two 32-layer lidar sensors in combination with groundbreaking SLAM software to deliver industry-leading point cloud quality for a wearable device. Four cameras positioned on top of the device take high-resolution, sharp images in every direction for a complete 360º image – all without the operator appearing in the field of view.


Precision meets Ergonomics

A first-of-its-kind wearable device which enables operators to comfortably scan at the speed of walking. The forward-facing design allows for targeted scanning, together with a built-in screen for optimal viewing.

  • Grip pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Built-in screen
  • Forward-facing design
  • Stabilizing belt


NavVis VLX 3 takes your laser scanning and survey workflows to the next level. It’s fully compatible with standard tools in the field and can capture control points in a local site coordinate system measured by both Total Stations and GNSS rovers. It also supports national and global coordinates for precise geo-registration and alignment of datasets.

Innovative Folding Design

The unique hinged design folds up and fits into a protective case or backpack, so that a single operator can easily transport and set up.


Seamless Transportation

With multiple methods of transporting NavVis VLX 3, moving around and between sites has never been simpler. A protective, hard-shelled case on wheels enables air and rail travel, while a compact, sturdy backpack allows you to move to and from your site with ease.


Live Scanning Feedback

Monitor your scanning progress in real time with a built-in touchscreen interface to ensure complete coverage as you move.


Complete Coverage

With a nearly unobstructed field of view, NavVis VLX 3 delivers comprehensive coverage of both indoor and outdoor environments so you can scan more at scale.


Superb Accuracy

For accuracy that exceeds industry standards, NavVis VLX is powered by precision SLAM technology that’s entirely in a class of its own.

Industry-leading Data Quality


Preserve Original Details

Point cloud surface reconstruction preserves details while removing noise for more efficient use in 2D drawings and 3D models.


Highly Realistic Texturing

Highly detailed point clouds include color and realistic texturing. In areas where images are not allowed, high-definition intensity values enable better understanding of your environment.


Detect & Remove Dynamic Objects

Objects that move through the scan are automatically detected and removed from point clouds during post-processing, resulting in less manual work.


Robust SLAM

Robust SLAM algorithms can accurately capture the entire building including the facade and surroundings.


High Detail at Range

State-of-the-art lidar sensors generate twice the amount of data at range, optimizing the level of detail that can be extracted from the point cloud improving modelling accuracy and precision.


Reduced Point Cloud Noise

NavVis VLX 3 generates sharper details and thinner point cloud slices for precise modeling and meshing results.

A Complete Reality Capture Solution

Taken together, NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION Core offer a complete reality capture solution for the built environment that makes your digital assets accessible from everywhere.

Benefit from the NavVis IVION Processing and take your processing workflows to the next level.





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