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Category: Rapid Positioning Tools

Trimble RPT 600

Rapid Positioning System

The Smarter way to Work

It’s the newest essential tool in the construction toolbox. Created especially for common layout jobs on the construction site, it’s got everything you need to measure positions faster, more easily, and more accurately.

Paired with Trimble Field Link the RPT600 is loaded with innovative features. Measure positions fast, easily, and accurately.

Purpose-Built for Construction Layout

  • The Trimble RPT600 Layout Station with Trimble Field Link 2D software measures distances and finds positions on the construction job site. It’s a tool that Trimble has designed and engineered—from scratch—to meet all your unique layout needs. Make short-work of common building layout and as-built measurement projects.
  • Twin handles: Ceiling layout demands a tool that will go straight up. The RPT600’s delivers 300° of tilt for easy overhead measurements.
  • Compact and convenient: Customized for construction layout jobs it’s small and compact.
  • No eyepiece in sight: See what the instrument sees right on the controller. Point, visualize, and position the instrument from wherever you happen to be standing.
  • No tribrach: Instrument leveling can be frustrating, difficult, and time-consuming; Trimble engineered the RPT600 to eliminate this step completely!
  • Long-life batteries: Work all day without worrying about your batteries running out.
  • A Rugged Controller: Easy-to-use Trimble Field Link 2D software runs on a Windows-based tablet with a tough case built for the job site.
  • Green laser: The highly visible laser dot lets you measure without a prism on a wide range of surfaces.


Laser Layout

For ceiling to floor layout, the RPT600 does the job.

Convenient And Compact

Customized for your job, the RPT600 is small but tough.

No Eyepiece Needed

You see what the instrument sees, right on the controller.

No Leveling Required

The RPT600 is engineered to eliminate instrument leveling.

One-Button Setup

Automatic setup no matter where you put the tool, as the system self-locates.

Intuitive Workflow

Trimble Field Link software leads you through each step, one by one.

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