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Robotic Total Station

Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems

Verity compares laser scans of as-built conditions against any 3D Navisworks model to generate accurate quality assessments. Now, you can check 100% of installed work in the time it takes to spot-check 5%. Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems with verity
Check 100% of Installed Work
Reduce Costly Rework
Eliminate Schedule Delays
Deliver Accurate As-Builts

How Verity Can Help Your Project

Obtain More Accurate Quality Assessments

Sophisticated computer vision algorithms compare the point cloud to the model, enabling Verity to measure the distance between where an element was meant to go and where it was actually built. The result is a much more accurate, detailed, and complete variance analysis.

Gain Unprecedented Insight into Construction Errors

Verity offers a variety of QA tools for viewing and understanding construction errors. Customizable heat maps display variance as colour for quick identification of bending or deflection. Precise measuring tools display quantitative data on how individual elements deviate from the design.

Automatically Create a True As-Built Model

With a single click, update coordination models in Navisworks to reflect real-world conditions. Export point clouds for out-of-tolerance elements to the proper design platform so subcontractors can make updates quickly.

Clash Detect Your As-Builts in Autodesk® Navisworks®

Full integration with Navisworks means that data is fully shared, and any element you inspect in Verity is automatically displayed in Navisworks, and vice versa. Gain new insight into how installation errors will cause conflicts with future work, simply by performing your existing clash-detection workflow.

Share Findings with Stakeholders

Verity offers a variety of powerful reporting options. Generate detailed reports and send them to collaboration platforms like BIM Track™, Procore®, and Autodesk BIM 360™. Use Verity Web Reports, a web-based interactive viewer, to give stakeholders easy access to models, point clouds, and reports from any mobile device.

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