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Automate your engineering calculations and boost productivity

For more than 20 years, Tekla Tedds has been the go-to document and 3D design solution for engineers. This powerful, easy-to-use structural analysis software reduces repetitive hand calculations and offers dependable multi-material element design because of its extensive, easy-to-inspect, quality-assured library of calculations.

Increase Productivity

Using predefined templates or user-defined templates is the key feature for making quick calculations.

Transparent Calculations

It’s very easy to create a step by step calculation, with transparent and easy to read documentation.

Minimize Errors

Tekla Tedds is an automated calculation program helping with structural engineer calculations, which means no more mistakes caused by a simple typo.


As a specialist solution for civil and structural engineers, Tekla Tedds has been designed by engineers for engineers. You can rely on Tekla Tedds for fast and accurate civil and structural engineering calculations.

The software automates calculations, improving engineering productivity and quality by replacing tedious, time-consuming hand calculations. The software has a quality assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations and gives users the flexibility to create additional calculations and elegant, engaging design documents.

Tekla Tedds Key Benefits

Quality assured library

Tedds consistently and quickly delivers answers. You can avoid errors and streamline code compliant design delivery thanks to a quality assured library of regularly updated multi-material calculations.

Transparent Calculations

Tedds’ calculations are easily visible for rapid review and validation. Unlike hard-to-check spreadsheets, Tedds puts you in control with calculations that are easy to inspect and approve.

Professional Documentation

With Tedds’ desktop publishing features, engineers have the power to quickly create and customize content output for professional project documentation that’s consistently competitive.

Tekla Tedds is Ideal For:

Frame Analysis

Tekla Tedds is a reliable, single software solution for both calculations and frame analysis that transforms the way engineers work. With Tedds structural frame analysis software, you can easily define structural frames such as trusses or continuous beams in 2D, analyze them, link the results to calculations and insert them into a document.

Structural Members, Beam and Column Design

Beams and columns are among the most important structural members and when designing them, you need speed and reliability to meet tight deadlines and changing demands. Tedds supports early design decisions by automating repetitive calculations in the face of complex situations and rigorous requirements. Quick calculations let you easily select beam and column size and clear documentation professionally details options.

Connection Design

In addition to working closely with our steel connection design partners both locally and globally, Tedds can help with simple connection design for steel, precast concrete, and timber structures.

Foundation Design

The foundation is one of the most important parts of a structure—and one of the costliest. Uncomplicated, constructible and economical foundations are the basis of successful structural design on both straightforward and difficult sites. Tedds improves structural and civil engineering productivity and quality by replacing repetitive time-consuming hand calculations with automated foundation design calculations.

Structural Load Analysis Software

Every structural design project is about safe and affordable loading. Be it single or multi-family housing, commercial buildings or industrial structures, Tedds can help you quickly address the challenge of code compliance without over specification. With Tedds, you can harness the power of automation, speeding up engineering design accuracy so you can spend less time loading and more time designing.

Retaining Wall Design and Wall Panel Design

Whether it’s an independent structure or part of a building, Tedds ensures easy retaining wall design, as well as designing types of wall panels. You can count on Tedds’ automation for fast and accurate structural and civil calculations and forget about time-consuming hand calculations and spreadsheets. Tedds has an easy to inspect, quality assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations for wall panel and retaining wall design.

Floor and Roof Analysis

Tekla Tedds offers dependable multi-material element design for floors and roofs. By replacing the need for repetitive hand calculations, Tedds’ floor and roof analysis speeds up the design of slabs, stairs, joists and rafters. Thanks to Tedds’ extensive, easy to inspect, quality assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations, time-consuming calculations and spreadsheets for floors and roofs are a thing of the past, and effortless floor and roof analysis the future.

Tekla tedds 2024

Leverage the ever-expanding library of transparent structural design calculations, and custom calculation capabilities.

Highlights of Tekla Tedds 2024:

New Masonry design calculation

The new masonry design calculation to US design is fully integrated with Tekla Structural Designer for a complete masonry workflow.

New steel angle design for Eurocode and US code

Existing steel calculations are enhanced to allow the design of angle sections. The calculations check the design of single-angle and double-angle section profiles subject to major axis bending, and shear and axial tension or compression.

New Retaining basement wall analysis & design

The new Retaining basement wall calculation to US and Eurocode designs any basement wall, from a small residential basement to a multi-story underground parking garage. This calculation considers common basement wall conditions that the standard Retaining wall calculation does not. This includes axial and moment loading from the superstructure, lateral wind loading on the exposed wall, a single or double layer of stem reinforcement, and a pinned or fixed support condition at the base of the stem.

Wienerberger Eco-brick

Supporting use of sustainable materials, Masonry wall panel design (EN 1996) calculation was enhanced. Masonry walls can now be designed also using Wienerberger’s proprietary Eco-brick product.

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