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Analyse and design buildings efficiently

Tekla Structural Designer is revolutionary building analysis software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and profitably.
3D Building design software that is fully automated and packed with many unique features for optimized concrete and steel design, Tekla Structural Designer helps engineering businesses to win more work and maximize profits, from the quick comparison of alternative design schemes to cost-effective change management and seamless BIM collaboration making it the best structural analysis and design tool.


From scheme design all the way through to detailed design, one single model will cover all your structural analysis and design requirements, encompassing both gravity and lateral systems. With Tekla Structural Designer there are no additional modules to buy and you will not waste time switching between multiple software packages to achieve your final design solution.


Unlike traditional analysis software, with Tekla Structural Designer you can create physical, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate the design and manage project changes. Achieve faster design times and maximize profitability with this structural design tool.


Because you are creating a single model with a single data set, BIM integration is smooth and effective. Collaborate seamlessly, instantly assess the impact of changes, and deliver a more optimized solution to your client.

Achieve faster design times

Establish the best solution quickly

Manage changes easily

Maximize profitability and efficiency

Tekla Structural Designer Features:

Automated wind loading

We understand how painful it can be to apply loading so we have made it easier for you. Full building wind loads are automatically calculated and applied to your model, saving your time on this long winded and complex task. And there is no need to worry about all the other lateral loading required by the design code because Tekla Structural Designer takes care of these for you.

Unique analysis

Tekla Structural Designer automatically generates an underlying and highly sophisticated analytical model from the physical model, allowing you to concentrate on the design. Regardless of the model’s size or complexity, the software’s powerful analytical engine and many unique features will save you time by accurately predicting the building’s design forces and overall performance.

Finite Elements

The software incorporates a highly powerful Finite Element (FE) engine. Whether you are considering an irregular concrete flat plate with openings, or a complex core wall system, you can take advantage of fully automated FE meshing tools and lightning fast analysis to explore their behavior.

Total transparency

Reviewing analysis data is very important. Despite being fully automated, Tekla Structural Designer offers completely transparent analysis results so you can investigate the design forces, explore deflections and view all the calculations, giving you complete confidence in the design results.

Fully automated

Optimize multi-material buildings, in steel or reinforced concrete, in a fraction of the time. Tekla Structural Designer includes all the critical information needed to provide a fully automated design to your chosen building code. Regardless of complexity, you can design all members and consider the overall 3D building design in one seamless process.

Tekla’s unique approach to combining analysis and design means that you will not need to spend time processing analysis data. This integrated approach also enables you to manage changes effectively and provide fast response times to your clients.

Efficient reinforced concrete design

The software will instantly achieve an optimized design for all rebar within the beams, columns, slabs, flat plates and walls. Once designed, detailed reinforcement drawings and accurate material quantities are automatically generated for the whole building, meaning you can provide cost options early in the design process.

Optimized steel design

Tekla Structural Designer will design all the steelwork automatically, based on the engineer’s specific requirements. This includes the detailed design and optimization of composite beams, columns, US joists, trusses, braces and plated sections. Maximize your efficiency and achieve the optimum design at the touch of a button.

Compare design schemes

It takes just a few minutes to create a range of alternative schemes and establish the most cost effective solution for your client. You can become more competitive and bid more effectively with minimal effort.

Professional output

It is easy to communicate your design because Tekla Structural Designer automatically produces accurate and detailed documentation including calculation reports, material take offs and drawings. Reinforcement drawings for the entire building or tonnages of steel for estimating, all available in a touch of a button.

Real-time information

Because the single model contains all the design information, you can generate documentation and make informed decisions at any stage of the project, starting at very early scheme design. The calculation reports are linked directly to the model, so they update automatically. This means you can manage changes instantly, removing the need to generate new reports manually when variations occur.

Range of export options

Whether you wish to provide beam reactions or bracing forces to the contractor or prepare calculation reports for submission, Tekla Structural Designer enables you to export data to a wide range of file formats. Increase communication and reduce the risk of errors.

Designed with BIM in mind

Tekla Structural Designer has been developed specifically to help the design engineer maximize collaboration with other project parties, including technicians, fabricators and architects. Its unique functionality enables you to integrate the physical design model seamlessly with Tekla Structures or Autodesk® Revit®, and to round-trip without compromising vital design data. tick

Intelligent synchronization

For total flexibility and to save valuable design and drafting time, the model can start life in Tekla Structural Designer, or alternatively in Tekla Structures or Autodesk Revit.

You can synchronize models multiple times with confidence, throughout the project lifecycle. Tekla Structural Designer provides powerful and unique auditing tools to highlight exactly what has been added, changed or deleted during integration. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures you are kept fully informed during the integration process.

Tekla Structural Designer 2024

All your analysis & design in one single solution – one single model.

The award-winning 3D analysis and design software now includes Staged Construction Analysis and Masonry design allowing you to accomplish even more in one software.

Highlights of Tekla Structural Designer 2024:

New Staged Construction Analysis

Tekla Structural Designer has been enhanced with the introduction of Staged Construction Analysis and design. Staged Construction analysis takes account of the fact there is a sequence in construction and loading. The process is fully automated, quick and easy to use, and is applicable to the design of both concrete and steel structures.

Masonry design workflows for US code

With the introduction of masonry design for the US code in Tekla Structural Designer, masonry walls can now be modelled, analysed and designed quickly and efficiently using Tekla Tedds.

Reference models for 3D coordination

Structural Engineers can now import models from other disciplines for coordination with the structural model. We support industry standard IFC format files via Trimble Connect and Trimble specific TrimBIM files directly.

Enhanced integration with Tekla Structures

Supporting the design to detail workflow for portal frames, portal frame haunch geometry and column base plates are now transferred from Tekla Structural Designer to Tekla Structures. This reduces the input required in detailing.

New reporting options for Story Shear

Story Shear is now reported using a more visual approach to increase understanding and clarity.

Vibration analysis for concrete and US codes

Vibration analysis capabilities in Tekla Structural Designer are now expanded to include Footfall assessment according to design guides US (DG11) and EC (UK CCIP 016).

Tekla Structural Designer Integrator for Autodesk Revit 2024

The Tekla Structural Designer Integrator supports a seamless bi-directional workflow between the Architect and Engineer, reducing the need for remodelling.

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