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Field to Finish, Faster than Ever Before

EdgeWise is an as-built modelling platform that uses advanced algorithms to automate tedious scan-to-BIM workflows. It models as-built pipes, structural elements, ducts, walls, conduit, and cable trays from mobile and terrestrial point clouds significantly faster than traditional manual modelling techniques—all while improving the accuracy of the model.
Significantly Reduce As-Built Modelling Time
Ensure Accuracy with Robust QA/QC Tools
Complete Downstream Design work faster
Integrated with Autodesk® Revit® & Other Design Software

How EdgeWise Can Help Your Project

Reduce Tedious Manual Modelling

The advanced computer vision algorithms and pattern matching technologies extract features automatically, eliminating the tedious parts of modelling and empowering you to focus on the critical project deliverables.

Deliver More Accurate As-Builts

EdgeWise fits elements to the point cloud precisely and offers advanced QA tools for verifying the accuracy of the fit. Resize and adjust any poorly fitted objects to the points easily and take total control over the final accuracy of your model.

Complete Downstream Design Work Faster

EdgeWise’s unique point cloud export options enable you to accelerate your downstream design work. Using “Remainder Cloud,” you can export points of objects not modelled in EdgeWise, like machinery. With “Smart Points,” you can easily isolate points belonging to modelled objects you want to modify downstream.

Export Intelligent Models into Revit, PDMS, Plant3D and more

EdgeWise is fully integrated with all major design platforms, allowing you to bring intelligent models and families into Revit, Plant3D, PDMS and more.

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