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Trimble Ri

Robotic Total Station

Get the job done right the first time

Layout your project quickly and accurately with the new Trimble Ri Robotic Total Station for surveyors.

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Total Performance

Expanded range and various zoom levels plus new side to side search pattern for quick lock onto prism, saves time when searching for a target making this the best robotic total station.

Mobile Mapping System Built for Construction

Trimble’s most scalable, accurate and automated Robotic Total Station for construction. Easy set-up for faster efficient positioning with minimal training required. The Trimble Ri is part of the Trimble Portfolio of Building Construction products advancing mixed reality technology through data visualization in the field.

Leverage the XR10 with HoloLens 2, together with FieldLink MR, to view and measure with confidence and precision.

woman using trimble RI

The Right Track

With Trimble Vision Technology enabling single-person layout and instrument control you have the ability to do layout with one person – saving time and money.

Trimble RI in action in a building

The Right Focus

With accuracy utilizing auto-focusing red laser technology and extended EDM, you will get more range for a diversity of applications on the jobsite.

Trimble RI in construction site

The Right Level

With self-calibration and level detection built-in, the Trimble Ri will keep you more productive in the field.

Trimble RI in building

The Right Design

With FieldlInk integration, you can use the same software for both scanning and layout. Upgrade to scale your business job to job, site to site.

Trimble RI Key Features:

tick   Level Detection & Monitoring

Easy to set up for a contractor who wants to set up anywhere, be faster and more efficient.

tick   Built-in calibration capability

Save money by not sending the instrument to be calibrated and peace of mind that your instrument is performing correctly.

tick   Trimble Vision Technology

With Trimble Ri you can control the instrument from wherever you are on the jobsite, giving you the ability to do layout with one person.

tick   Focusing laser & improved EDM

The bright red focusing laser gives you a more precise spot to mark out and the improved EDM gives you more range than many other RTS instruments.

tick   FieldLink integration

One software allows the user flexibility to control multiple instruments (Layout; Ri, RTS, GNSS. Scanning; X7 and Spot with X7)

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